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Review: 8900 Precision White Today Theme with Hidden Dock ~ Z2A ~ By MrTolles @ CrackBerry July 1, 2009

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Many BlackBerry addicts are into themes and applications as soon as RIM roles out a new device. Curve 8900 Javelin is one of them, and I own one. Its an awesome devices in RIM?s Curve line ups. I usually Google for themes and am ready to grab a one that?s for free 🙂 who isn?t right? So, I finally found some awesome (free) themes by this crackberry (CB) user called as MrTolles. Man should I say he creates one of the awesome themes I have come across. There are many I am sure, but today I am going to review his theme which he specially created for me on request for 8900 Curve a.k.a Javelin.
The theme is called ?Precision White Today with Hidden Dock (Scrollable)?
The theme consists of 3 Calendar and 3 Messages on the home screen and 8 crisp clear icons on the Home Screen (6 at the bottom and 2 on the left and right top corners). The bottom dock consists of extra 6 icons when you scroll to the right. Awesome! which makes the Home Screen icons to 8 + 6 = 14. Now I love that!
Here is first screen shot. The wallpapers are mine 🙂
IMG 1.1
Capture on 07-01-2009 14-41-26
The top left icon (in this case the Google Mobile App) is customizable. You can even have the weather icon on the left. The top right corner icon is the dedicated profiles icon.
In the IMG 1.2 and 1.3 below you can see that the bottom dock consists on 12 scrollable icons. The dock can be hidden when one scrolls up or moves focus away from the dock by scrolling up.
IMG 1.2
 Capture on 07-01-2009 14-45-35
IMG 1.3

Capture on 07-01-2009 14-46-57
IMG 1.4
Capture on 07-01-2009 14-47-18
IMG 1.5
Capture on 07-01-2009 14-47-59
IMG 1.6
Capture on 07-01-2009 14-48-27
The application screen?s 1st icon will be the top left icon on the home screen as you can see in above images and image 1.7 below.
From icon # 2 until icon # 13 will be the dock icons. Icon # 2 thru # 7 it will be the first set of docked icons and icon # 8 thru # 13 will be the remaining 6 icons of the home screen when scrolled to the right. Isn?t it awesome?
IMG 1.7
Capture on 07-01-2009 14-48-46
The screen dialog boxes are the original and screen fonts are user customizable! See IMG 1.8 below. I love when user have the control over the fonts! I HATE! when the fonts are not changeable. All the themes developer should keep in mind that what looks pretty to them, specially FONTS may not be mesmerizing for the general public :)  But thanks to MrTolles @ CrackBerry he has kept the fonts intact and can be changed as per users need and NOT Theme forced!
IMG 1.8
Capture on 07-01-2009 14-50-47
Overall its an awesome theme and MrTolles rocks! If you guys are interested to know more about him and the different themes he has, one can visit the forums at crackberry.com and search for his themes there. I will slowly start putting more reviews as and when I get a chance. Till then enjoy!
If you have any questions follow me on twitter @ webchetan
Link to the forum: http://forums.crackberry.com/f129/modified-precision-themes-210503
OTA Link to above theme: http://bit.ly/184x7E


Switching Between Any 2 Profiles: Curve 8900 (a.k.a Javelin) February 19, 2009

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Switching Between Any 2 Profiles: Curve 8900 (a.k.a Javelin)

I am pretty sure everyone is aware of the new Blackberry Curve 8900 which got rolled out on Feb 11, 2009 via T-Mobile. Its one hot and yummy device 🙂 It’s mixture of current curve 83xx models and Blackberry Bold. See picture below.


Since the time I got my above gadget (love it!) I have been doing a lot of research and here are some tips:

1. When you want to switch between profiles, pressing ‘#’ (‘Q’ key)  will help you switch between normal and vibrate modes. Now I also notices one thing is that pressing ‘#’ key switches profile between whatever your previos profile was with the current one.

For Example: By default my device is on ‘Normal’. Now I manually switch the profile to say ‘Quiet’ by going to profiles and selecting ‘Quiet’ mode. Now when you press ‘#’ key it will switch back and forth between ‘Normal’ and ‘Quiet’ mode 🙂

So if someone wants to switch between ‘Normal’ and ‘Quiet’ or any user defined profile, or between ‘Quiet’ and ‘Vibrate’ etc. (In nutshell between any 2 profiles by pressing ‘#’ key) then first manually go and select a profile of your choice. After that, manually again change your profile to the one which you will be going back and forth. Done that? Now try pressing the key ‘#’ for couple of seconds and you will see it switches between the profiles of your choice.

I am not sure if it used to work with other types of phones, but I thought of sharing it across…

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