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Switching Between Any 2 Profiles: Curve 8900 (a.k.a Javelin) February 19, 2009

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Switching Between Any 2 Profiles: Curve 8900 (a.k.a Javelin)

I am pretty sure everyone is aware of the new Blackberry Curve 8900 which got rolled out on Feb 11, 2009 via T-Mobile. Its one hot and yummy device 🙂 It’s mixture of current curve 83xx models and Blackberry Bold. See picture below.


Since the time I got my above gadget (love it!) I have been doing a lot of research and here are some tips:

1. When you want to switch between profiles, pressing ‘#’ (‘Q’ key)  will help you switch between normal and vibrate modes. Now I also notices one thing is that pressing ‘#’ key switches profile between whatever your previos profile was with the current one.

For Example: By default my device is on ‘Normal’. Now I manually switch the profile to say ‘Quiet’ by going to profiles and selecting ‘Quiet’ mode. Now when you press ‘#’ key it will switch back and forth between ‘Normal’ and ‘Quiet’ mode 🙂

So if someone wants to switch between ‘Normal’ and ‘Quiet’ or any user defined profile, or between ‘Quiet’ and ‘Vibrate’ etc. (In nutshell between any 2 profiles by pressing ‘#’ key) then first manually go and select a profile of your choice. After that, manually again change your profile to the one which you will be going back and forth. Done that? Now try pressing the key ‘#’ for couple of seconds and you will see it switches between the profiles of your choice.

I am not sure if it used to work with other types of phones, but I thought of sharing it across…

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